Review Nokero solar powered light bulbs

Nokero is a company selling solar powered light bulbs, they come in the form of a rugged rainproof single piece resistant bulb plastic container.

The Nokero N100 solar light bulb emits 8.5 lumen powered by five light emitting diodes (LED), with four tiny solar panels embedded on its side (5 to 10 years lifespan), and an interior 1000 milliamp NiMH battery housed inside the bulb, the replaceable battery will last around two years.

Leaving the Nokero N100 solar light bulb in the sun all day will provide enough light for in between one to two hours at night, depending on your geographical location solar intensity. These solar light bulbs are not as bright as grid powered bulbs, you will need some time to get used to them, Nokero sun powered light bulbs are sufficient to perform household tasks like moving around, reading and cooking, they have been designed with the developing nations in mind where Nokero solar light bulbs will work out cheaper, safer and are more environmentally friendly than kerosene lamps.

In developed countries these solar powered light bulbs can make for a good solution to be used for lighting in natural disasters with power black outs, at camping trips and at patios, gardens and boats.

Nokero N100 solar light bulb

Nokero N100 solar light bulbĀ 

Nokero N200 solar light bulb review

A second generation Nokero solar powered light bulb, the N200 comes with a single solar panel to improve efficiency, it hangs on a swivel that allows for it to be pivoted towards the sun maximizing charging efficiency during the day. Nokero’s N200 has three lighting modes: On, Off, and Turbo-Task, depending on settings a full day of charging in the sun can provide up to 6 hours of lighting, if you choose the brighter turbo task mode you should get around 2.5 hours of lighting.

The N200 solar bulb has four LEDs, it is rainproof and impact-resistant, with a power saving auto shut off function, the bulb will only work if the ambient light falls below 200 lux, like with the N100 model, the battery should last around two years, Nokero says it can be replaced for $1.

Nokero’s N200’s light can give you up to 13.5 lumen of intensity, this is a dim light not comparable to the 850 lumen that a 60-watt incandescent bulb gives but it can be as bright as the kerosene lantern it means to replace.

The main difference in between Nokero’s solar powered light bulbs and the cheaper solar lights that hardware stores sell for your garden is that Nokero’s light bulbs quality of built it is much higher, their target consumer it is not the home user, it is a developing nation where rough treatment of these solar powered lights it is expected.

Nokero N200 solar powered lightbulb

Nokero N200 solar powered lightbulb

Nokero solar powered light bulbs main features

  • No need to have access to the electrical grid
  • Portable, rainproof and impact resistant, they can be deployed anywere
  • Zero carbon dioxide emissions (no CO2 gasses)
  • Cheaper to operate than fuel powered lights like kerosene lamps
  • They require no maintenance, they are small, lightweight and durable

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