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Review Nokero solar powered light bulbs

Nokero is a company selling solar powered light bulbs, they come in the form of a rugged rainproof single piece resistant bulb plastic container. The Nokero N100 solar light bulb emits 8.5 lumen powered by five light emitting diodes (LED), with four tiny solar panels embedded on

How to buy used second hand solar panels

To work out if the second hand solar panels are good value for money, besides their physical condition, look at the cost of dollars per watt generated, one disadvantage of buying used solar panels is that Government grants most times only apply to new purchases and not

5 ways to build a cheap solar energy system

It is a well known fact that insulating your home from heat loses will drastically reduce your utility bill, the average home spends 46% of its energy keeping it warm/cool, it does not matter if you get your energy needs from nuclear or solar power, if you